Soothing Bath bombs

Happy winter, guys! How is it December already? Anyway, I wanted to share this trio of bath bombs recipe with you because I know it’s just what you need on a winter’s night. They’re super easy and super worth it so get ready for a luxuriously spa night in 😉 Might I suggest a calming face mask and a scrub as well?


  • 120g baking soda
  • 120mls  lemon juice/Citric acid
  • 1 tbsp Epsom salts
  •  a handful of bath salts
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 60g cornflour
  • 50mls  water
  • Scents/colours: -Orange: orange essence, orange food colouring, cinnamon, a drop of clove oil -Rose: rosewater, dried jasmine flowers, red food colouring (to make pink) -Peppermint: peppermint and green food colouring (1 tsp of each)
  • a spritz of body glitter/shimmer (optional)
  • A mould


  1. Mix together the dry ingredients
  2. Add the scents or colours to the coconut oil and make a paste
  3. Add 1 part lemon juice to 2 parts water in a bowl/glass
  4. Combine the dry ingredients with the coconut oil paste
  5. Separate the dry ingredients into three bowls and add the suitable coconut butter paste
  6. Slowly pour a small amount of the lemon juice and water mix to the other ingredients in each of the three bowls (Slow to ensure mixture does not fizz up)
  7. Mixture should feel like wet sand when touched
  8. Using your hands, add large amounts of the mixture to the moulds and overfill them to ensure a solid bath bomb
  9. Leave in the mould in a cool, dry place for a day or in the freezer for 1 hour
  10. Slowly pat the outside of the mold to help the release of the bath bomb
  11. Release the bath bomb and add to a hot bath and enjoy 🙂


Woo! I hope you enjoyed this recipe and had a great time using your bath bomb. Let me know how yours went in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter x


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