30 Day Challenge

It’s almost summer and you know what that means – bikini season! Everyone is in a mad rush to get their beach bodies after the weather we’ve had here in Ireland. So I’ve put together a generic 30 day challenge calendar for you (below the paragraph). Just print it out and pencil in what you want to get done in 30 days – be it a healthy diet plan or a workout plan, use it how you will. I’ve made my own 30 day slim down challenge for holidays as I’m going to Spain on May 3rd šŸ™‚ Almost done, I’m on week 4!

30 Day Challenge PDF

If you don’t know where to start then listen up; here are some tips to setting up a plan:

  1. Ā Focus on what you want to achieveĀ Ā eg. slimmer thighs
  2. Plan the calendar around this. You can split the days up into sections, so Monday is for Abs, Tuesday is for thighs etc., or you can keep it focused on one area. For example, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you do a lower ab workout, and then on Thursday, Friday and Saturday you do an upper ab workout with a rest on Sunday. It’s up to you!
  3. Small goals do not mean small outcomes!Ā Making small, achievable goals often is more beneficial as you are not faced with a massive challenge and you can see your progress very quickly. Reviewing your goals and achievements at the end of each week can really help you along
  4. Bust out the old gym equipmentĀ If you have equipment eg. dumbbells, yoga mat, a resistance band, work them into your routine. A lot of routines can be improved by adding weights etc., and if you’ve got them lying around the house then why not use them?
  5. Don’t make up your own movesĀ Using the wrong form can hurt your body and even damage your back, so please follow workouts designed by professionals. There are so many great YouTube trainers out there so there should be no excuse for this. I worship Cassey Ho from BlogilatesĀ and have been using her videos for years now, definitely one to follow
  6. Try to get rid of any interruptionsĀ If you know that you won’t be able to getĀ to the gym one of the days (in advance), please try to plan ahead and find another way of getting your workout done. The same goes for those of youĀ working out at home, if you know that you’ll have visitors on one of the days or something, try to find a way to reduce the interruption by maybe working out early that morning or late that night

On a final note, I’d like to just say that I’m not preaching or telling anyone to change their lifestyle, but if you were looking to make a change I want to help you out as I’m doing it too.

Well good luck on your challenge if you’re taking part, and I’d love to hear all about it! Let me know in the comments below or onĀ facebookĀ and twitterĀ šŸ™‚


The Great Amateur Cook-off (with printables)


Bored on a lazy Sunday? Why not host a cook-off with your friends! I have instructions and printables here –>Ā Cook-Off

The idea:

Gather 3 or more friends to battle in a food-filled war. Print off the food challenges, cut them up and add them to a jar. The adjudicator (one of your friends acts as a judge) picks out a challenge from the jar. Everyone puts an agreed amount of money (ā‚¬5 should be fine) into a jar to pay for ingredients and a winning prize (Eg. Cinema tickets). When everyone has their ingredients and materials set up, let the games begin!


Have you tried this out with your friends yet? I’d love to hear from you and even see some pictures šŸ˜€ Send me feedback in the comments below or onĀ FacebookĀ andĀ TwitterĀ x